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Dr. Laurie Marzell Naturopathic Physician
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Men and Women
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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is based on the time-tested medical principle: vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature.  The naturopathic physician aims to restore normal functioning of the body through use of substances and treatments that enhance the body's innate healing ability.

Dr. Laurie Marzell has been a licensed naturopathic physician since receiving her doctorate in 1980.  Although she does a general and family practice,she has extensive experience and training in the treatment of hormone replacement, allergies, and depression.

Dr. Marzell also works extensively in fibromyalgia, mood disorders, prevention of diabetes, and weight management.


Many women and men can receive benefits from hormone replacement therapy, as they reach midlife and beyond.  Hormone replacement helps maintain brain function, protects against bone loss, intestinal cancer, urinary tract infections, and heart disease.  Hormones also help to maintain sexual drive and function, and keep energy levels up.
Bioidentical hormones are usually used, which are identical to our own natural hormones that decrease as we age.  They are the safest option in hormone replacement.

Please contact the clinic for further information.


"I would like to thank you for all your help in directing the path of my medical care this past spring and summer.  When I found myself in the throes of a full blown autoimmune episode, menopause and at the crossroads between 4 different specialty doctors,  I needed someone to oversee my healthcare and ask the questions that I had neither the medical knowledge to ask, nor the stamina to research.
After repeatedly being told by my doctors that they “do not treat the cause but rather the symptoms,” I was elated to find someone who was curious enough to try to find and treat the “cause”. I thank you for your sense of caring, humor and curiosity…and of course, your tissues! Your ability to oversee different health care professionals working in silos with an indifference to what the other was doing has been invaluable.  You provided me with solutions, information and compassion.  You have given me hope and better health; not just a prescription and a dismissal. The end result of our work together is a work in progress; however, I no longer live as if in my 80’s.  I am 55, healthy, happy and have a plan to stay that way!"
(Submitted 11/5/2013)

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